Steve Cox
If the crowd ain't movin' the bass ain't groovin'!! 
Bass Guitar Lessons :    Lessons are typically held once a week on a set scheduled day and time.
Please call to schedule a lesson. 

1/2 Hour - $25           Full Hour - $45

                                4 Lesson Packages - $90/$160                                
Payment options:  Cash   Check   Charge   PayPal

   Tues:    4 - 8 p.m.
   Wed:    4 - 7 p.m.

Cancellation Policy: Please try and give at least 24 hrs notice when cancelling. Habitual no show/cancellations will be dropped.

I like to get my students comfortable on their instrument first, and then begin to focus on their individual interests.  Learn how to play your favorite bass line or build  your own.
You'll also learn how to understand your instrument and  make the appropriate adjustments.
I love sharing my knowledge and passion for music with students of all ages and levels!

Beginners learn notes, scales, basic technique, reading, basic theory,
instrument care and songs of their choice.

Intermediate students go deeper into more complex techniques (finger, slap, tap) and theory, multiple styles, reading, ear training, and writing notation/tablature.

Advanced players will focus on improvisation, composition, advanced technique (three finger slap, two hand tapping) and much, much more! 

Learn, Create, and Have FUN!

"My son and I really enjoy taking bass lessons from Steve. He works with you where you are at musically on the  music you're interested in. He also makes it fun."