Steve Cox
If the crowd ain't movin' the bass ain't groovin'!! 

Boomwhacker ​Buddies

 B​oomwhackers are color coded tuned plastic tubes used for rhythm and produce a melodic pitch (ala Blue Man Group) when struck.​​ Different colors play different musical pitches. Diatonic and Chromatic scales are used to perform songs. You’ll be amazed how the knowledge gained from this class will transfer over to piano, violin, guitar/bass or any other instrument making it an easier transition for young learners.  

 Boomwhacker Buddies enrolled in the activity learn with music, games, and movement. 
 Boomwhacker Buddies learn the following:
  • Diatonic Scale C-Major
  • Chromatic Scale (12 note scale includes Sharps & Flats)
  • Notes of the piano including Sharps & Flats
  • Lines & Spaces of the Treble Clef
  • Quarter Note Rhythms
  • Eight Note Rhythms
  • Improved Hand Coordination-­‐Movement
  • 24 Notation Signs
  • Music & Math Correlation 
  • Sight Reading
  • Colors-­‐Letters-­‐Numbers-­‐Games--AND MUCH MORE!!

 * Boomwhacker Buddies utilize the “Young Mozart Music Station” and  MrMikesMusicMats materials and  curriculum. These materials are tactile-kinesthetic/hands on.

Private Lessons: 30 min-$25, 
4 lesson package-$90